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As nationalism and xenophobia are increasing in Europe, the RAINBOW project aims to promote social inclusion and positive EU values through the introduction of non-formal education and methods into the school education.

The project will create a heterogeneous community who will be trained to carry out a European Values campaign and to promote empathy and understanding. Thanks to the RAINBOW approach each project target group (secondary school teachers and students) will interiorize concepts and strategies becoming able to promote common values and civic competences.

  • - Teachers’ awareness of the characteristics of the media processes,

  • - Teachers’ needs of methodological support and teaching materials,

  • - Teachers’ knowledge and competences on civic education,

  • - Teachers’ knowledge on the connection between civic awareness and hate speech and intolerance,

  • - Students’ perception on prejudices, civic competences, social media, ...

  • - Students’ needs for material. Those inquiries gathered 1741 answers at the European level (254 for teachers, 1487 for students).

This report is based on the results of two inquiries that have been carried out between May and September 2020 in Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Romania and Spain. Those inquiries were addressed to secondary-level teachers and students from 14 to 19 years old and aimed at studying among others:

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Report Belgium
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Report Bulgaria
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Report France
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Report Italy
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Report Romania VF
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Report Spain
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