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Contest Rules

Participate in the #RainBowErasmusPlus Contest and help promote European values on fundamental rights, respect, peace and active citizenship. 


Who can participate? 

Young people 14-19 years old from the project partner countries: Bulgaria, France, Romania, Spain, Belgium, Italy.


What’s the contest about? 

RAINBOW partners in 6 EU countries ask young people (with the support form their teachers or educators) to create powerful social media content to create together a strong EU campaign which will help “Raise against intolerance”. RAINBOW is an EU funded project to promote social inclusion and positive values through the introduction of non-formal education and methods in school education. Students and teachers are both beneficiaries and protagonists of the project activities. The main project output will be the creation of a campaign to raise awareness on social and civic EU values and to combat hate speech and discrimination. 


What do you or your team need to do?

Create a product/tool, with the: Aim: You design a product/tool for the #RainBowErasmusPlus social media campaign (i.e., poster, slogan, video, flash mob, design of a t-shirt etc.) 

Content: The #RainBowErasmusPlus EU values campaign will include any material that supports its message: Raise against intolerance by creating awareness about European values and civic citizenship, and combating hate speech and discrimination. Format: The products/tools submitted to the contest must be digital. They have to contain the logo of the RAINBOW project and EU Erasmus+ funding. 

To ask for the logo write to

You can use these CANVA templates to get inspired: Instagram (square) or Facebook/Twitter (horizontal). Make sure to create a copy before editing!

How to submit your product/tool?

You can submit your product/tool through this Google form. 

Suggested formats and tips: Video, photo or banner with a positive message or awareness raising slogan etc. 

Video: Max. 1 minute duration, MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, WebM or AVI format Image: Digital format, Size between 30x40 and 50x70, Max 10 MB, .jpg format, pdf, png, GIF, PDF, ppt, every other format must be exported in pdf Audio: mp3, wav


Deadline to submit material: 22nd of February 2022 

First selection national: Local decision, at latest by the 16th of March 2022 

Final selection: 16-18th March 2022 (TPM) Selection process: The selection of the winners will take place in March 2022 in two phases: 1st project partners will choose in each country the favourite 3 products/tools among those submitted. 

2nd during the EU partners transnational meeting 7 products/tools will be selected following the criteria of the “best combination to create a coherent EU campaign” with at least one from each country.


Evaluation criteria:

The maximum score that can be reached is 12.

1= weak, 2= ok, 3= good, 4= outstanding 

Entries will be punctuated on the following criteria:

● Powerful message: 1-4

● Content relevance (ex. Related to project topics): 1-4

● Production quality (ex. Originality of the content in terms of its narrative, use of media, appearances etc.): 1-4 


Award: Five students and two teachers from each project partner country will be selected to attend the European values camp, planned in Varna (Bulgaria) from the 3rd to the 9th of July 2022. During this summer camp, participants will work in multicultural groups, and starting from the seven selected winning tools, they will build and launch the European values campaign and movement.

In each partner organisation, the local partner chooses three favourite products and winners will get a prize!

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