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Europees verslag 2020

“In my opinion, it allowed them [the students] to become aware of the stereotypes and prejudices that we can all convey and therefore to alert them to the need to combat any hasty and summary judgement".

Mrs Aberici
Charles de Gaulle high school, France

“The relationship and involvement of the students in the project and the different sessions was very good. The students perceived and appreciated the professional support provided by the organization and were very willing to work and debate on the subject. [...] In conclusion, and as the students expressed, it has been a very enriching process both for them, but also for me, as a teacher".

Oscar Altide
IES Quatre Cantons, Spain

“The role-play proved to be effective, as the pupils became personally aware of the effects of discrimination. Students were actively involved and interested and learned from each other about discrimination and how it affects people in all its aspects"

Aron Nicoleta
"Ienăchiță Văcărescu" National College, Romania

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