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RAIN.BOW Project

Hi everyone!

My name is Rebecca and today I will show you the project RAIN.BOW!








Why are we working on this project?

Because the web - and not only - is full of hateful speeches, bad comments, poisonous words.. Sometimes we would rather avoid them.

We need to care about the weak, different and excluded people.. like me, you, us.

But we are al aware of the widespread hate on the web, and it is with the web that the project RAINBOW wants to challenge the nationalism, the xenophobic values and the online hateful speeches which are raising in the European countries.

The project believes in the education as an ideal cure to promote the skills and the civil values. What, if not the education, can fight the hate?

The objective of the project is to increase civil awareness among students and teachers.

To reach it, RAINBOW is developing resources in several languages to promote common values.

The project will include:

  • A database of educational resources

  • A campaign to promote the european values

  • Several activities and seminars in different cities and towns

  • A camp to promote integration, diversity, the respect and communication between students from different countries, religions and backgrounds

I don’t know if a world where hate gets beaten will ever exist,

But this project is definitely a step toward that direction.

We want to be an example for everyone; will you join us?

Download • 1.89MB

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