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Lesson Plan 1-Word cloud

Let’s create a word cloud!

Activity / lesson title

Let’s create a word cloud!

Relevant link

Target group

Age of the students: 13-15 years old


45 min.

Learning Environment

Indoor No special arrangements

Expected learning outcomes

  • To develop the vocabulary

  • To practice active listening

  • To think and communicate an overview of ideas and opinions

Subjects and topics covered

Grammar, Civic Values, Hate speech, art creation

Method description

Brainstorming, Making posters, Vocabulary lists

Tools / Materials / Resources

Post-its, laptop, web access, projector

Detailed description of the step-by-step description of the activity / sequences of the units

1. Start the session with a brief definition of hate speech, i.e. form the Council of Europe: “hate speech covers all forms of expressions that spread, incite, promote or justify racial hatred, xenophobia, anti-Semitism or other forms of hatred based on intolerance.” Then look with students at local and national examples, do a brainstorm regarding “what we know about hate speech”. Ask students to share what they witnessed or experienced online. Summarise the discussion with an updated definition and some examples / real cases of hate speech in your country. 2. After listening to all the opinions, everyone writes on a post-it 3 keywords, and puts it on a wall. (This part could also be performed with a digital post-it application - Jamborad, Sticky Notes, Notezilla or else). 3. Once all the post-its are on the wall, every student chooses one different from his/hers, reads the words and says one out loud. 4. With those words, the class creates a word cloud online by using This outcome will be projected as the final result of the activity.



Feedback & assessment

Continuous assessment on brainstorming, written expression, and active listening. Observation techniques: diary/journal Slose ended questionnaires

Evaluation (for purposes of grading)


Intellectual property rights (IPR) / Origin of the activity CC BY NC 4.0 Attribution: This activity is prepared by CEPS PROJECTES SOCIALS in the frames of the RAINBOW project. The activity can be copied, redistributed, remixed, transformed, and build upon for educational purposes. Non-comercial spread.

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