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Tool Belgium 5 game diversity

Thesis game diversity

You can use this scaffolding game to talk to students about diversity.


This exercise was developed to understand, as a school team, students' experiences, opinions, perceptions and attitudes on different aspects of diversity at school. Thus, this exercise was developed primarily to work on quality development. This exercise only works in a safe environment. You cannot use it to evaluate students.


This scaffolding game was developed for first-year secondary school students.


  • Say a proposition out loud (print on large paper if necessary and hang up somewhere easily visible).

  • Have students respond by positioning themselves in the space. If they stand on the far left, they agree with the proposition. If they stand on the right, they do not agree with the statement. Between these, they can vary.

  • You can choose which statements resonate most with your students - of course, not all statements have to be covered.

Annex: 20 statements

It is not feasible to discuss all the statements. Go through the statements in advance and select four or five statements that tie in with what you want to discuss with students. Think about what additional questions you might ask. An example of specific supplementary questions can also be found in the sheet 'talking to pupils about autonomy'.

1 Everyone who works hard has the chance to become rich. socio-economic diversity

2 Taking care of a family is more important to a woman than working outside the home. family diversity

3 People who want to change gender should pay for their surgery themselves. gender diversity

4 Racism was a problem in the past, not today. ethnic diversity

5 Being gay is a choice. gender diversity

6 White people in Belgium have certain advantages because of their skin colour. ethnic diversity

7 It's weird when people don't feel like men or women. gender diversity

8 If a student is sick, someone from the class should help that student. inclusion at school

9 It is important that schools teach us about the history and contributions of ethnic-cultural minorities. ethnic diversity at school

10 In Belgium, everyone is treated equally regardless of colour, class, religion,... general diversity

11 It is normal for pupils with reading difficulties to be given more time to complete their tests. inclusion at school

12 It is better for young people if parents stay together even when there are arguments at home. family diversity

13 Two dads can raise a child just as well as a mum and a dad. family diversity

14 Men are less emotional than women. gender diversity

15 A step- or plus parent should not interfere in raising young people family diversity

16 Even if the relationship is not going well, parents are better off staying together. family diversity

17 Divorce is now so normal that it has hardly any consequences. family diversity

18 If some students struggle to learn, other students should help them inclusion at school

19 If people have to seek help from CPAS, it is their own fault socio-economic diversity

20 It is unfair if some people (e.g. women, minorities, people with disabilities) are more likely to get a job because of positive discrimination

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