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Tool Belgium 2 let the picture speak en-GB

Through this tool, students look curiously at news events and discover the distinction between perception and interpretation.


Secondary school pupils


Students reflect on their own observations and discover the distinction between observation and interpretation. They discover connections between different social domains. In addition, they engage in an open dialogue with their peers.



The teacher informs herself about the context of the picture. Pupils respect agreements: listening to each other in a focused way, formulating their own opinions, valuing the opinions of others ...


1. Teacher shows the picture 2. Students are instructed to write down for themselves what this picture evokes in them. In doing so, they answer the following three questions:

  • What is happening here in the picture?

  • Why do you think this picture, represents this event?

  • If you look even more carefully at the picture, what else do you see?

3. Some students take the floor and describe the picture using the questions above 4. The teacher tells the class group what the actual context of this picture was and confronts it with the students' opinions. 5. Post-discussion:

  • What had the students interpreted correctly, where were the differences between them and what was the difference between the 'reality' the teacher brought to the table?

  • What lies behind the students' interpretation of this?

  • What helps to understand others' interpretation as well as 'reality'?

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