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Let the picture speak

Activity / lesson title

Let the picture speak

Target group

Target group: Grade 7 and older


50 minutes

Learning Environment


Expected learning outcomes

Pupils reflect on their own observations and discover the difference between perception and interpretation. They discover connections between different social domains. In addition, they enter into an open dialogue with their peers. Preconditions: The teachers collects background information about the context of the picture. The students confirm to certain appointments: listen to each other, voice their own opion, value the opinion of others.

Subjects and topics covered

Social media, fake news

Method description

Experiential learning, (2) Facebook

Tools / Materials / Resources

Pictures Detailed description of the step-by-step description of the activity / sequences of the units

1. Teachers shows a picture 2. Students are told to describe individually what emotions they feel when seeing the picture. They answer 3 questions on paper (What is happening on the picture? Why do you thing this is happening on the picture? If you look in detail, what is happening more). 3. Some students take the floor and describe the picture answering the three questions above. 4. The teacher tells the class group what the actual context of this picture was and confronts it with the students' opinions. 5. Follow-up: What did the pupils interpreted correctly, where there differences between them, and what was the difference between the 'reality' presented by the teacher? What lies behind the pupils' interpretation? What helps others to understand their interpretation and the 'reality'? Feedback & assessment

Cf. follow-up point 5

Evaluation (for purposes of grading)

Reflections ‘what did you learn?’ How did your opinion change?

Intellectual property rights (IPR) / Origin of the activity


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