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La Ligue InfoHunter

Language & Country of the resource

The online platform InfoHunter was created in France. Its contents are available in English and French.



Link to the resource and/or reference to the authors / source of origin

Type of resource (video, lesson plan, etc.) Educational online platform Link

Learning objective(s) InfoHunter is a platform providing tools and resources to create and implement decoding courses for young people, in class or in workshops, in order to develop their critical thinking skills and give them the keys to understand information making.


InfoHunter developed a 5-step pedagogical methodology to help learners develop their critical thinking skills and to analyse digital content. Firstly, learners watch the digital content together. Then they collect their first impressions and vote on if they think the information given is real or fake. Thirdly, learners have to investigate on the viewed content and take another vote in the fourth step. In the end, this methodology invites learners to create their own analysis grid for future content, thanks to what they have learned. The platform offers 3 courses in English, each one adapted to a different age group: elementary school, high school and college students. The elementary school course includes image analysis, while the high school course concentrates on how to differentiate true from false information on the web and the college course helps learners to better identify, analyse and understand videos’conspiracy codes. InfoHunter also offers teachers and educators the possibility to easily create their own courses following its 5-step methodology.

Target (type and age of the learners and other meaningful characteristics)

Teachers, educators, parents, children and teenagers

Tools and materials needed for implementation

A computer and an internet connection.

Key words Media Literacy, Critical Thinking, New information technology, fact checking, conspiracy theories

Subject & interdisciplinary / cross-curricular links

Digital competences and Case-based learning

Timing (how much time to do it?) No information on the website


InfoHunter is an online platform which offers courses for young people to learn how to analyse, understand and critically process digital information and content. It also gives teachers and educators the possibility to adapt their own courses by using the content they see fit. The courses are based on a 5-step method developed by InfoHunter, which offers learners to reflect on how they perceive information at first and invites them to develop critical thinking skills.

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