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Didactic workshop on discrimination

Didactic workshop on discrimination: insights and working methods (RAINBOW)

*This methodology was inspired by a course by French partner la Ligue de l'Enseignement, as part of the Rain'Bow project

Audience: teachers and education providers (max 12)

Duration: 3h


Where does prejudice come from and what mechanisms lie at its root? What is the actual meaning behind the word 'race'? What arguments can we make against proponents of racial classification?

During this didactic workshop, we want to give these questions and themes a central place. Through activating work forms, we challenge several participants from the field of education to approach and understand the concept of discrimination from different angles. In this way, participants can take a new, open look at diversity and diversity in their school climate and teaching practice. At the same time, they are introduced to a number of teaching methods (such as the privilege walk and forum theatre) that they can try out in class with their students.


- Understanding different mechanisms that lead to discrimination

- Introduction to intersectional thinking as a theoretical framework for dealing with discrimination

- Encourage a fruitful exchange around the themes of racism, stereotyping and discrimination

- Thinking about how to deal with discrimination and racism in classroom and school practice (forms of work, linking to (cross-curricular) attainment targets, etc.)

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