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Case Reflections

Target group

Target group: Grade 7 and older students


50 minutes

Learning Environment


Expected learning outcomes

Pupils reflect on a concrete subject in a well-founded manner. Recognisable and sometimes obvious situations become the object of in-depth reflection.

Subjects and topics covered

Social Sciences

Method description

Classroom Discussions

Tools / Materials / Resources


Detailed description of the step-by-step description of the activity / sequences of the units

Process: 1: The pupil is introduced to the subject by means of a text, a film or another medium (possibly initial reactions are questioned or a number of general reflection questions are given to which they formulate an answer in phase 5) 2: The students are then given different cases with reflection questions attached. 3. The students note down the answers to the reflection questions for themselves. 4. The students exchange their answers in subgroups

Feedback & assessment

5. Possible extension: pupils make a short summary and formulate answers to a number of general questions related to the topic.

Evaluation (for purposes of grading)


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